Our Story

We think that comfort begins at home since home is a sensation, not a place. A house is the structure in which we can live and feel safe, comfortable, and happy, whereas a home is the place where we can remain, feel safe, comfortable, and happy.

With our revolutionary Zero Twist Technology, which holds premium cotton and bamboo fibers together, Andalux has earned the hearts of many customers. Everyone may now enjoy a 7-star hotel experience from the comfort of their own home on a daily basis thanks to this technology.


                  World's 1st 7 Star Luxury Hotel Towel


We were just like any other working professional before we started this brand. We wanted to go home after a long day at work and rest. We always looked for comfort, affection, and tranquillity at home since the love we receive there is unconditional. We sought out ways to pamper ourselves in order to multiply the sensation of love by using soft and luxurious towels on a daily basis.

We began testing different sets of towels made of Bamboo Fibers, Egyptian Cotton, and Turkish Cotton, among other things. We became intrigued with all of these materials' benefits and decided to blend them all into one beautiful sheet.

We developed a new method that combines Premium Cotton and Bamboo Fibers, knitted together with a specific thread, and then launched Andalux as an online-only, direct-to-customer brand focused on making wonderfully pleasant home linens, after extensive study.

The Andalux Towels are the first sort of linen in the series. Since then, we've set our sights on becoming Asia's Fastest Growing Luxury Home Linens, beloved by a diverse range of families and couples.